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Friday, November 4, 2011

You're It!

tag on roller skates would not be a good choice for our family... but yours might really enjoy it!
My kids all love to play tag. Our favorite version is freeze tag with John as "it". There are so many kids now that he can never get them all frozen so he remains the tagger. He thinks this is great fun and great exercise.

I like to be on the kids' team.

I was brainstorming some other versions of tag recently. Remember stuck-in-the-mud? Where you have to crawl under the frozen person. My big boys love to play Ghost in Graveyard when it's dark out (we have some awesome neighbors). It's kind of like reverse Sardines and tag combined. At the playground we play that I am shark and the kids are on a boat (the playground) and I try to eat their feet. So kind of tag.

Any other suggestions for tag-ish games? This cooler weather is perfect for family running games outside to keep warm yet not get overheated.


Online toy shops said...

I am now 30 and I cant roller skate or even ice skate for that matter. It is just something I would like to be able to do but I am afraid to.

Zoo Mommy said...

I say go for it now! 30 better not be too old! Personally, I would try roller skating first. Find an indoor rink and rent skates there. You can keep the wall nearby in case you get nervous. You may fall on your tuckus a couple of times but who hasn't?!