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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Wait for the New Year

With the holidays suddenly upon us ( I say suddenly, but just like every other year we had 10 months leading up to them) it seems inevitable that the added holiday pounds will come, also.  The great news is that they don't have to.  The not-so-great news is that you have to get MORE active to help offset the indulging that comes along with this time of year.  It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  That being said, it is a little insane to think that this year will be any different if you follow your usual holiday routine.  For most that routine will end with the inevitable New Year's resolution to lose weight and get in shape.  Holy Cow, Susan Powter had it all figured out....."STOP THE INSANITY!!"

Changing your holiday routine doesn't have to be (and actually shouldn't be) drastic.  Especially if you start now.  Launch your pre-emptive strike on holiday weight gain by simply getting MORE active each day and paying a little closer attention to your diet.  For everyone, the definition of more will vary.  If you currently aren't doing any kind of exercise, get out and walk for 30 minutes a day.  Start taking a look at your eating habits and find one or two ways you can improve on them.  Every little bit truly does count.  Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to completely overhaul your lifestyle in a day.  Habits may be hard to break, but they are definitely not impossible to break.  Especially if the goal is worth the sacrifice.  I'm not saying it's easy by any stretch.  But I guarantee that if you start making small changes now, you could make a BIG difference come January 1!!