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Monday, January 25, 2010

And The Award Goes To....

Me I mean, US :)

April nominated us for this award:

Thank you April!!

And to think, I was feeling a bit down because our blog followers still number in the, ahem, single digits (that's whispered there, folks).

But now for the fun part: FESTIVITIES!! Our first award. Hopefully not our last; we are having so much with Project Playtime and this blog. This afternoon while the youngest 4 were sleeping, the big boys had a great time playing around with the Project Playtime logo. It was rainy and John was working and they'd spent the morning playing basketball- so it put a smile on my face to think our active lifestyle had inspired this non-active, but educational and fun, togetherness-moment.
Okay, I'm rambling.... back to the FESTIVITIES... now a drum roll...

That's my dress. Cute, huh?! Hey, it is our first award ;)

And I want YOU to celebrate, too! So check out our website to see our new logo and watch for a contest on here related to that.

On to the next step, according to the Lemonade Stand Award Rules:

I hearby nominate the following blogs for The Lemonade Stand award because they have great attitude (or gratitude, according to the rules, but ya'll know which way I leaned):

So congrats fellow lemonade-awarded bloggers! Now it's your turn to nominate 10 blogs and give them this award ( See you around the blogosphere!


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thanks so much for nominating Totally Tots. :)